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As the FoobSims Turn

I haven’t even moved everyone into town yet and already my For Better or For Worse Sims have decided to recreate a soap opera. That, or Mad Men with Weed in the role of Don Draper. I’m using Twallan’s story … Continue reading

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Carpet Patterns for Sims 3

I converted some of my Shaw carpet patterns for use in Sims 3. Unfortunately some of my favorites from Sims 2 don’t look good in Sims 3, but these all work well. (If anyone can get Solvay to look nice … Continue reading

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My Sims 3 mods

I made a few .xml mods for Sims 3. I’ve uploaded the ones I’ve tested to my satisfaction, and they all work with AwesomeMod and NRaas mods. They were made with Generations and patch 1.24. Please go to for … Continue reading

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Caine Residence

As narrated by my thought process while looking at these horrible strips and trying to build this annoying place. Okay, the house looks easy enough, a smallish box. (Shut up Anthony.) That’s a huge porch for the apparent size of … Continue reading

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"This Is Me Leaving You"

I had to go over the latter-day Anthony strips in order to get some hints as to what his house was supposed to look like. Now I have an eye twitch. The human brain is not equipped to deal with … Continue reading

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Foobsims: The first day

As soon as I moved Michael’s branch of the Pattersons into the Pattermanse, Meredith started playing peek-a-boo with Robin. Deanna became fascinated by a lamp. I think she is happy that it is cheap. ¬†And Mike started work on his … Continue reading

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Building the FBofW Pattermanse felt like it took forever. I’ve spent longer on Sim houses, but those were all to my taste. This one… not so much. Click “read more” for pictures. I based the house on the floorplan Lynn … Continue reading

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