A small Sims community rant

I wrote this in a comment where I realized it didn’t really belong. But I want to rant.

Whining about MTS’s upload guidelines is as old as MTS has had upload guidelines, and that is OLD. I was there. Why must people keep doing it? Is it really that much easier to whine and whine and whine that it’s just too much work to get your stuff on this site, and their rules are too hard to follow, and waaaah, than it is to just make your own site?

I wouldn’t want cc made by someone who could neither conform to the rules of an existing upload site nor make their own site to upload their stuff. You know how long it took me to create my website and upload my crap? About 20 minutes. And I am 1) lazy 2) disabled and in constant pain 3) on heavy painkillers and 4) did I mention lazy?

People have been whining about MTS’s upload rules since the rules were put into place lo these many years ago. It was less easy to make your own site then, and I still didn’t have much sympathy for them. Now? Are you used to your every piddly creation in life having gold stars plastered all over it? Do you seriously expect other people will be happy to give their money and time to further your goals when said goals do not conform to theirs, and when we’re talking about a hobby here? If your Sims cc does not get shared, it neither breaks your leg nor picks your pocket. This entitlement is baffling. In any other gaming community I’ve seen, you would have been banned from multiple boards by now.

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