Some of my Sims 2 custom content

I make stuff for the game under the name “neriana”, with the prefix “neri”. Anyway, here are some links to what I’ve got re-uploaded so far:

All my floors and walls. There are a few goofy ones I made when Homecrafter first came out, but I’m very pleased with most of them.

Bedding. These are based on Amish quilts I found online and I think they’re quite awesome. The bargello quilts are particularly nifty.

A money tree that costs five times as many aspiration points and gives five times as much money as the base game one. Also, it is blue. Will not overwrite the money tree in the game.

Pescado’s lot sync timer as a big flowerpot: download here. You can only have one — choose either my version or Pescado’s. I made it into the biggish round planter that sits on the ground, the “Naturally Stylish” Flower Barrel. It does not conflict with the flowerpot in the game. It only comes with purple flowers, as by the time I figured out how to do this I was really sick of SimPE and didn’t feel like making it recolorable. If you would like this in a different mesh, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it. If you have problems with the lot sync timer, please ask on MATY; I did none of the coding and understand none of the coding, I just re-meshed the thing.

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