Coming back to Sims 2

It’s been years since I’ve played Sims 2 much. It’s been years since I played Sims at all much. When Sims 3 came out, I got that, and played it some, but it just wasn’t fun enough to hold my interest long, unlike Sims 2, which I’d been playing for years. I sort of drifted away from Sims games, got busy with other things (WoW and other MMORPGs), got bored playing 6 knowledge Sims in one Greek House (never do this), but I decided I wanted to play Sims again lately. I tried Sims 3 again. MEH. Then I re-installed Sims 2.

It is so flippin’ fun. The Sims have so much more character than in 3. It’s too bad you can’t customize their body shapes as much, but there are downloadable clothing meshes to take care of that.

Speaking of which, in the years I’ve been gone, custom content has skyrocketed in quality. Especially hair and skins. It’s unreal. I have a lot of replacing to do. Lots of hairs in my game look completely out of place next to the new shinies, but I’m attached to them, though I will probably never use them again. (I have packrat tendencies that I keep under control irl, but in computer games I hang on to pixels with teeth and nails.) I want to recolor stuff again and build again and get my legacy stories up again.

And I wonder what to do with my vampire matriarch who wants to seduce her werewolf son-in-law who isn’t at all interested in her at the moment. Her daughter, his wife, is not a particularly nice person, and she will not take well to ANYONE making the moves on her husband. I think I may have to make her an evil witch and see what happens.

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