As the FoobSims Turn

I haven’t even moved everyone into town yet and already my For Better or For Worse Sims have decided to recreate a soap opera. That, or Mad Men with Weed in the role of Don Draper.

I’m using Twallan’s story progression mod, which really makes the game come alive. I recommend it if you want to play a “watch what those crazy Sims will do next” type of game, rather than a highly controlled game. I find The Sims 3 achingly dull when played as a strategy game, but I’m enjoying the soap opera.

So, here’s what’s happening…

Mike and Deanna decided they hated each other.

 This is no surprise. Half my game’s popups seem to be about someone hating Mike or vice versa. The only person who can stand his combination of mood swings and braggadocio is Elly. Deanna divorced him and neither of them cared. Their kids didn’t even care. Meredith and Robin don’t like Mike either. Mike moved into the Tiny Train House with his parents and April.
The house truly is tiny. It has a master bedroom upstairs and an itty bitty bedroom under the stairs. The bedroom’s sort of like the closet Harry Potter lived in. Mike took it over. April got to sleep in the basement.

Georgia and Phil had a baby. (They named him David.)

Rule 34 says that someone, somewhere, ships these two. I sure don’t.

About five minutes later…

Somewhere in here, John and Elly divorced. I didn’t get a picture of it because I remarried them right away. They divorced again the next day, but I remarried them again and set story progression to not allow them to divorce. Neither of them can escape the other, I enjoy torturing them too much.

Elizabeth got pregnant with Anthony’s kid. Then the next popup I got about them was this:

Was the one woohoo that bad?
Michael had moved in to the Tiny Train house with Elly, John and April, but now Liz needed to move back home since she’d be popping out an Anthony spawn any minute. So I moved Mike in with Weed, who had broken up with Carleen as soon as I plopped them on their lot.
Aw, true love at last for Mikey.
I figured I might as well move Carleen into the Pattermanse with Deanna. 
Then, while I was playing another house…
It’s official, Therese has the worst taste in men ever recorded. Though she doesn’t have much of a choice in this neighborhood. 
Dating your lover’s ex-wife. That’s an interesting choice.
I think I’ll cut out some extraneous stuff here and just show Weed’s relationship panel as it is currently.
He’s dating Therese, Deanna, Carleen (again), Julia, and Mike. Mike knocked him up. I had nothing to do with any of this, honest! Okay, I did direct Mike and Weed to woohoo the first time. But I never told them to have a kid, and I never told Weed to romance every single woman he meets.
At least there’s one couple in town that’s rock solid.
Whoops. I am not surprised that this happened. When I see them around the neighborhood, all they’re doing is romancing each other. The only skill they have learned is Kama Simtra. I think whenever they’re home, they’re woohooing. I’m surprised they remember to eat.

Also in the romance department:

 Becky and Duncan are going steady. Eva and Gerald are also going steady, but they annoy me so I didn’t take a picture.
So far, the Foobsims can be split into three groups: the insane, the cute, and the dull. Only one Foobsim rises above them all. She has made more money than any other Sim in the neighborhood, she is the most successful of any Sim at her “job”, and all love her and despair.
Bow to Queen Meredith, worthless Foobs!

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4 Responses to As the FoobSims Turn

  1. forworse says:

    All hail Meredith! Bwa-ha-ha!

    Seriously, how do you get the screenshots of the story pop-ups? Are they just standard screenshots or is there a setting to enable in-game to get the text as well? I took dozens of story updates from my Pattersims today but found out only after exiting the game that they don't capture the stories, just the action going on in the background. A shame, as I'd had quite a lot going on.

  2. Clio says:

    I use Snagit: There are other similar screencapture programs that do something similar :).

  3. Clio says:

    I also use Irfanview's “save for web” plugin to cut down image file sizes drastically. Irfanview is here:

  4. forworse says:

    Thanks for those. I've now made my blog:

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