Carpet Patterns for Sims 3

I converted some of my Shaw carpet patterns for use in Sims 3. Unfortunately some of my favorites from Sims 2 don’t look good in Sims 3, but these all work well. (If anyone can get Solvay to look nice in Sims 3, please send me a link!) Please go to for instructions on how to install .package files.

 These are all found in the design tool, under carpets and rugs. If anyone asks, I’ll put up links to download them in .sims3pack format as well. Pictures of them in Sims 2 are here. I seem to have forgotten to put pics of all of them up, I’ll get to that. The ones I converted are Belle Glade, Calabria (I really like how this one turned out), Chic to Chic (some of the texture got lost in the translation, but it picks up colors nicely), City Charm, Dream Manor (another of my favorites for Sims 3), Embrace, Grand Illusion, Habana, Hidden Cove, Hillbrook, Jack’s Walk, Katelynne’s Court, Mixed Media, Skyline, Soothing Grain, Trend Setters, Varese, Village Common, and Young Attitude. Download them all here:

I’ll get some screenshots of these in Sims 3 up soon. Let me know if you have technical problems with any of them — they’re the first patterns I’ve done for Sims 3.

I used Delphy’s Pattern Packager and Gimp to make these. 

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