My Sims 3 mods

I made a few .xml mods for Sims 3. I’ve uploaded the ones I’ve tested to my satisfaction, and they all work with AwesomeMod and NRaas mods. They were made with Generations and patch 1.24. Please go to for information on how to install them.

* A mod to change the values of buffs/moodlets. I’ve altered a lot of them so they make more sense (to me), so that relationships are generally more important and items are less important. Overall, it might become slightly more difficult to have maximum mood during work. I’ve also fixed a couple things; I don’t believe the designers intended the buff for gaining parental approval for marriage to last ten days, for instance. The full list of everything I’ve changed is in the readme, here. Here is the link to the mod:

* Nerf to fish prices. In the first family I played, the husband had a fishing-related lifetime want. The family was ridiculously wealthy in no time. So I made this mod, which cuts the sell price of fish in half.

* A mod to kill pillow fights. When you meet your new boss, do you want to pillow fight with them? Is the one thing you crave after a long week a nice pillow fight with your 60-year old mother? When you’re having a romantic evening with your husband, is whomping him with a pillow the one thing that truly satisfies you? Yeah, me either. I hated that in Sims 2 and I hate it in Sims 3. With this mod, Sims will no longer want to pillow fight, and they will not be able to do so autonomously. You can still direct them to if you want. (In the future, I’d like to try to make pillow fight wants and autonomy possible during sleepovers for teens and children. I think that may be a scripting mod, though, so it’s beyond my capabilities right now.)

* A buff to the “My Love” buff. It now lasts forever (9,999 Sim days). A Sim will get it if she’s close to her love and her relationship score with him is at least 80.

* An omniplant mod. Sims will be able to buy the seeds after the second gardening opportunity rather than the third, and they can order six seeds at a time rather than two.

* A skillbook mod. Children can now read some of them, particularly lower-level ones. (Not bartendering or nectar-making.) All recipe books from World Adventures show up in the home world as well.

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