Caine Residence

As narrated by my thought process while looking at these horrible strips and trying to build this annoying place.

Okay, the house looks easy enough, a smallish box. (Shut up Anthony.) That’s a huge porch for the apparent size of the house.

The game won’t let me place stairs to a basement under a foundation? *three hours later* Stairs placed, and of course that pain in the butt had to be associated with Anthony’s house.

What on earth is this thing? And where is it? Is that a dishwasher to Liz’s left? Is she supposed to be in the kitchen? If those are counters, they’re ridiculously high. If that’s a window to her right, it makes no sense in relation to the front door — the front wall of the house is flat. Just how big is the kitchen, anyway?

 Haha, you go Francoise. Geez Anthony has a lot of art. Wait, how big is this living room?

Francoise’s room is tiny.

Who does this? Apparently being engaged means you can rub your face against your ex-boyfriends’ arms and it’s perfectly innocent. And Anthony wears striped pajamas to bed.

The front door didn’t have a window before. Now it does.  Nice continuity.

This house took me days to build. It’s kind of blah (as fits Blandthony), but at least it’s done, and it taught me how to build a basement in a house with a foundation.

I had a lot more fun building Therese’s house. I think I overdid the flowering bushes though.

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