"This Is Me Leaving You"

I had to go over the latter-day Anthony strips in order to get some hints as to what his house was supposed to look like. Now I have an eye twitch. The human brain is not equipped to deal with so much horror in so little time.

Though I realized later I could have done this with Twallan’s Master Controller mod, as far as I knew when I made them, the only way to get the proper relationships for Anthony, Therese and Francoise was to create Anthony and Therese as married and have them divorce. So I ran through the Therese-Anthony-Elizabeth relationship. It took Sim Therese a few minutes what it took strip Therese years to figure out: namely, that she’d married a louse.

When I switched to the house I’d temporarily plopped the Caines and Liz in, Anthony and Liz were at the library together, leaving Therese home alone with Francoise. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Though Therese doesn’t like children and gets a negative moodlet from being around them, she was playing with Francoise enough that the two were already good friends. I decided to have Therese potty train Francoise while waiting for Anthony and Liz to get home.

While Therese was still in the bathroom with Francoise, Anthony hugged Liz amorously. Nice wedding ring there. Jerk.

Therese “happened” to come out of the bathroom to see this. And poor little innocent helpless Liz learned some French swearwords. Anthony’s expression here is priceless.

“And you! Standing there like you had nothing to do with it! I suppose you were just holding her up? Do you think I’m blind?”
“Therese, please, stop being so unreasonably jealous. Liz is my friend.”
“So is John Patterson. Do you feel him up too?”
“Never mind, I don’t want to know. I’ve had it.”

“What do you mean, you’ve had it? After everything I’ve done for you –“
“Everything you’ve — what?! You manipulated me into having a child, bought this house I hate in a suburb I hate, and made me feel guilty for not being a stay-at-home mom!”
“I was often in the same room with you when you had post-partum depression! I never hit you! I’m a Nice Guy!”
“C’est fini. Go and boil your bottom, Anglo pig-dog. Have fun with your watery tart. She seems to enjoy being repressed.”

This teenager showed up and started to play with Francie in the bathroom. Apparently Therese had hired her as a babysitter while I was playing another family. Poor Francie got the “heartwrenching scene” moodlet from seeing her parents break up, though I don’t know how she saw it through the bathroom door. She has -60 mood for 42 hours, which is a large hit and a long time for a Sim, particularly a toddler.

Liz, on the other hand, doesn’t care. She doesn’t have one thought in her pretty little head. She’s creeping me out.

I do feel sort of bad for Anthony. He keeps crying, and he’s heartbroken (-50 mood, 48 hours). That’s a lot more feeling than he showed for Therese in the strip.

Therese is off to find a Sim with a compatible astrological sign (she rolled the want as soon as she dumped Anthony), and now it’s time to build two houses: one based on Anthony Caine’s house, and a little bungalow for Therese and whomever she ends up with.

As for Francoise… at least she has Jellybean.

(Thanks to Mary Chapin Carpenter for the title of this post.)

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