Building the FBofW Pattermanse felt like it took forever. I’ve spent longer on Sim houses, but those were all to my taste. This one… not so much. Click “read more” for pictures.

I based the house on the floorplan Lynn Johnston drew which forworse found, the picture of the house exterior which aprilp_katje found, and discussions on The Foobiverse’s Journal. I soon discovered that the floorplan does not fit into the house exterior, and that what did fit was too big for the lot size I chose. I wanted the house to be playable, so I snipped some extra space and removed the full-size dining table from the kitchen. I also didn’t feel like wrestling with attaching a garage to a house with a foundation, so I left the foundation out.

Exterior front:

Exterior back:

First floor:

Second floor (Deanna is tired of the lavender and teal in what used to be Liz’s room, but Michael insists that nothing change. Meredith is trying to be allowed to put something in her room that is not pink; when she asks, Grandma Elly says “but you’re a girl!” Robin doesn’t care that everything in his room is blue, though the airplanes on his wallpaper frighten him.):


Aprilp_katje asked me if Sims thought the Pattermanse was a nice house. When they’re outside, with the many plants I couldn’t help adding, they get a “decorated” +10 moodlet. The study, which is also full of plants, provides a +25 “nicely decorated” moodlet. No other part of the house has enough decor to make Sims happy.

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One Response to Pattermanse

  1. Albanymous says:

    Great job on the house, considering all of its peculiarities. I find the poor “moodlet” scores highly amusing. Take that, Lynn!


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