Foobsims: The first day

As soon as I moved Michael’s branch of the Pattersons into the Pattermanse, Meredith started playing peek-a-boo with Robin.

Deanna became fascinated by a lamp. I think she is happy that it is cheap.

 And Mike started work on his next “masterpiece”.

When Deanna finally tore herself away from the lamp, she wanted to teach Robin to walk. Meredith decided to do her homework.

This is when the game informed me that Francoise Caine had “taken quite a liking to Jellybean”, and I decided to build her a house so she didn’t have to live on an empty lot any more.

And then I got this message: “Hate is too nice a word for what I feel when I hear Elly Patterson’s name,” groaned Georgia Richards. There is no love lost between them, to say the least. This is going to be fun.

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