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I have three herniated disks, two of which are pressing into my spinal cord. This, in conjunction with the pain pills I’m taking, makes me muzzy-headed. I can’t write what I usually write or play the games I usually play. However, Sims games are perfect — I can still create for them and tell little stories, and they’re easy. Plus I have a whole lot of time on my hands, at least until I get surgery.

I was planning to put my stories on LiveJournal, but unfortunately it’s down again. I’m sure it will be up — in a few minutes, or hours, or days. I feel bad that LJ is the victim of an apparent government-mafia conspiracy in Russia (someone needs to make a movie out of this), and I’m not going to leave it. At the same time, I want to write my Simstuff when I want to. I’d forgotten I’d set up this blog, but luckily the bookmark was still on my computer. As you can see, I uploaded a couple chapters of my Sims 2 legacy before I got bored. I’ll upload the rest of what I’ve finished of that one another time, but for now, I’m more interested in Sims 3. I’ll also throw the stuff I made for Sims 2 on 4shared soon and put links here to it.

Onward to Sims based on Lynn Johnston’s comic For Better or For Worse, in the next post.

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